Why avoid when we can enjoy?

I often find myself when discussing a plant-based diet getting around to a conversation about avoidance. “I’ve stopped eating [fill in the blank].”

I really don’t feel this is the best way to approach a change in diet, or any change for that matter. I think the easier way to change is with replacement.

So, if you are ready to approach a change in your consumption of animal products the easiest way is to start consuming more plant-based products. Your stomach is only so big, and the added benefit of plant-based foods is they are generally more filling than animal products, processed products or fatty products.

My favorite technique is to simply fill your kitchen with so many fruits and vegetables that it is a challenge to eat them all before they spoil. I find myself preparing more meals, and eating more raw fruits and veggies this way.

This morning I went to the farmers market, and as I have shared with some of you now that I am 7 months into a plant-based diet, all the beautiful fruits and veggies at the farmers market seem to cry out to me “take me home!” So I get home and now I have a challenge ahead of me to make sure that all the beautifully colored fruits and veggies get eaten. ┬áIf not the farmers market, try going to the grocery store with the intention to only shop in the produce section and try everything that looks appealing to you, even if it is something you have not tried before. We have within us all an instinct to eat what is good for us and we need to awaken this instinct with practice.

As always, let me know if I can help!

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  1. It really is a good point. I’m certainly not telling people I’m going vegan or cutting back on meat, rather say I’m trying to do more vegetables or use higher quality meats, and that both costs more (for good, sustainable meats) and requires a better connection to subtle flavors. It also fills one up and leaves less room for crappy, processed foods.

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