Whether or not to eat fish

I just spent a few hours looking more into this question, and want to share my opinion as it has now formed. To be honest I hadn’t really dealt much with the issue as I have never really been an enthusiastic fish eater.

Fish protein is still animal protein. The overall negative effects of consuming animal based proteins remain high with fish consumption.

The biggest benefit touted about consuming fish is Omega3 essential oils. Our bodies have to consume Omega3 as we do not produce any ourselves. If a person’s diet contains little of the plant based sources of Omega3, then fish is a good source, and certainly better than other meats. If a person is consuming a plant based diet, there is little need to worry about lack of Omega3. Some of the better sources of Omega3 in the plant world are:

  • ground flax-seed (add it to everything you can)
  • green leafy vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, kale, spinach and purslane)
  • legumes (mung, kidney, navy, pinto, lima beans, peas and split peas)
  • citrus fruits, melons, cherries
Like other nutrients, our bodies better utilize the nutrients from plant based sources, and don’t have to deal with the negative effects of animal based sources.
Fish in addition to being animal based, also comes with a risk of consuming toxic dioxins or heavy metals. I am glad that I never had much interest in fish, but if you do, I hope you will consume it in moderation, and work toward losing your desire for it.

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