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Greetings, if you are a first time visitor, welcome to my blog. I look forward to sharing the rewards of a plant-based diet with you. This blog is for both of us, and I look forward to learning through your rewards and your challenges, so even if you don’t like commenting on a public forum, please send me an email, or use the contact form, anytime with your questions or stories.

Some of what you read on this blog may be beyond where you are ready to go with your diet, don’t let that scare you away. I did make a dramatic change in my diet and health all at once, but that is not the path for most people. If you are in good health but maybe would like more energy, or would like to shed some bad habits, or perhaps some weight, you should take a pace you are comfortable with and get to know your own body. If you are someone facing some health challenges and need to act fast, you might want to change quickly and see results right away, but this is up to you and I want you to know that I am equally committed to helping the person that wants to simply eat more fruits and vegetables as much as the person wanting to embark on a completely plant-based diet.

So, now you can look around at various posts, and if you feel so motivated, please participate with your comments. Before you start, I would like to suggest a few starting points. First, if you would like to more about me and my story, please read the about me page.

I would encourage you to understand the science behind a plant-based diet by watching some of the videos that I have embedded.

If you have Netflix, I would strongly encourage you to watch Forks Over Knives the recent film about a plant-based diet. You can watch it on your computer for $4 here, you can also order a dvd from Amazon, it could be the best $15 you ever spend. I also encourage you to read the book “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell. You can find that book and other great books at Dr. Campbell’s website.

Other than that enjoy this blog and keep me updated with your progress!

To your health!


Update April 13, 2013:
Though I have not updated this site near as much as I planned to, I am now over 2 years into a plant based diet, and it is the smartest health decision, perhaps the smartest life decision I have ever made! I feel so much better, maintain a great weight, have tons of energy, and have settled into an easy affordable means of maintaining the highest possible nutrition from the best foods the way that God made them. Contact me if you would like to talk more.

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