Shaking the Salt

The thing that I have had the most difficulty with in changing my diet is cutting out salt. Naturally going to a plant based diet you consume less salt, but I still find myself craving salty foods, and when I see something salty, I can’t seem to keep my hands away from it.

Sodium is what gives something the salty flavor and and we “supposedly” need 1500mg / day, however even this like other nutritional standards can be argued because they are based on traditional diets rather than science (I’ll write more about that another day). The typical American diet however contains 3-4 times that amount, and most of it is contained in processed foods (we really need to read the labels).

Like any other taste change, it is good to push to the extreme, then gradually reintroduce something. When doing it this way our tastes change and when something is reintroduced it seems greatly exaggerated. Most people have experienced this with skim to whole milk or vise versa, after changing when you taste the prior it overwhelms our taste buds.

So, beginning this Monday, I am pledging to go 3 weeks avoiding all added salt, and as much salty foods as I possibly can. This is what I feel will be the best way to kick this stubborn habit. I encourage you to join me so we can share the results. We have the rest of our lives to enjoy the fruit of this challenge, so what is 3 weeks when you look at it that way. It is clear that high sodium diets lead to high blood pressure, high blood pressure leads to much more serious problems. Join me in this healthy choice to live a longer healthier life.

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