Lasting Weight Change

I read recently that of the so very many weight loss programs, there are many success stories, but far more stories of people that may have lost some weight, but then return to their previous weight, or even end up heavier months after completing a program.

The only real success happens with changing permanently the way we eat. Many find it difficult to embark on a diet that is forever. This is why I don’t like calling whole-food plant-based nutrition a diet as this word is associated with a temporary program. Long term change means behavioral change. I believe the best way to see behavioral change is with strong motivation. This motivation can come from a wake up call such as a disease, a report of high cholesterol or other dramatic lesson, but wouldn’t it be better to achieve this change before this point.

The other way that we can achieve the motivation needed is through education. This is why I post videos by doctors that have spent their careers understanding how the body works, and links to books that you can read to better understand the damage we have been doing to our bodies, especially our immune system by consuming oils, animal-based foods, and other damaging foods. By truly coming to understand the science behind why plant-based nutrition is so life giving we eventually get to a point that we can no longer deny that this is the right choice for our lives.

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