From Extermination to Harvest.

My mom’s back yard has a small patch of grass which this year is this year being overrun with creeping charlie, a small leaved weed that grows on runners and can become a big problem for lawn lovers a it eventually will choke out the grass. Personally I think it makes for find cover, however my mom has decided it should be eradicated and was ready to call someone to spray som nasty chemicals on it. I interveined and said I would take care of it knowing nothing about the plant. Some online research showed me that it was very difficult to treat, and roundup is the usual treatmet. However I found one site with a story of slowly getting rid of the plant by maually picking it. I decided that this is what I will do as well as the patch of lawn is not really that big, and I should be able to rid the lawn by the end of summer by doing a square yard or so each day.

This morning I started, and after picking quite a few of the littlle leaves and tossing them aside, I smelled one and it smelled like mint. I thought I wonder if this is edible, I have already made lambs quarter smoothies after learing how nutritious that “weed” is.  So I went back online and learned that not only is creeping charlie edible, but it is medicinal and very high in vitamin C.

I will now gradually try to fight back the invasion with a controlled harvest. Had a fistful in my smoothie this morning and it added a bright minty taste. I will be using it in salads and will try some tea soon. It can be used anywhere you would use mint.

We have so much to learn about the plants around us. Here they are offering their benefits and we try to destroy them.

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