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Following is a class assignment from my course in plant-based nutrition. I chose to write about dairy products as it was the most striking of issues which I learned during the course. It is downright criminal what we have done to our bodies by believing in all of the information out there about how good milk and dairy products are for our bodies, and from an early age our constant access and education about drinking milk.

There is a new book out, which I have begun reading and plan to write more about later. The book Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health is now available, and I hear it is being made into a film. I strongly encourage everyone to get a copy and begin to understand what are the realities of lifelong milk consumption.

I had some fun with this assignment, so it is a bit tongue-in-cheek, and I may have written things slightly different with all the additional information I have acquired since taking the course, but I hope you will take away the important message that we have been hoodwinked with our understanding of dairy products.

Here is the Assignment:

From what you have learned in the course, write a press release on an issue you found particularly compelling regarding the benefits of a plant-based diet in chronic disease.

Note: I decided for this assignment to step into the future. In all likelihood, some of the specific names and organizations will need to be edited before its final release.


EMBARGOED UNTIL January 16, 2012

Supreme Court: Dairy Products Must Have Warning Labels

Parents of Diabetic Children Lawsuit Halts Retailers and Manufacturers from Selling Dairy Products Without Warning Label.

Minneapolis, MN (January 16, 2012) — Major dairy product retailers and manufacturers will no longer be permitted to sell dairy products without a warning label, according to a settlement in a lawsuit brought by the Parents of Children with Diabetes (PCD).

“Parents need to know the risk of serving dairy products to their children,” said PCD member Frances Bovina. “Warning labels will make mothers aware of the extreme risk to their children and families.”

Under the settlement, over 6,000 product retailers and manufacturers, including Associated Milk Producers of New Ulm, MN and Dean’s Foods of Dallas, TX, agreed not to distribute or sell dairy products without a warning that they have been shown to cause Type 1 diabetes in infants. By law, these products should bear warning labels as of January 30, 2012.

PCD filed the lawsuit against the companies citing the Food Safety and Modernization Act passed by the 111th Congress and signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011. Under Section 105 of this strengthened act, a hazardous substance is in part defined as a “substance or mixture of substances may cause substantial personal injury or substantial illness during or as a proximate result of any customary or reasonably foreseeable handling or use, including reasonable foreseeable ingestion by children.” According to the act, these substances “require labeling in accordance with 105 CMR 650.000 in order to protect the public health.”

The prosecution brought as their most powerful witness Dr. T. Collin Campbell, who during his testimony cited numerous studies including a Finnish study in which children aged 4-12 had antibodies measured against BSA (bovine serum albumin). Of the 142 children with juvenile diabetes, every one had an antibody titer greater that 3.55 and not one of the 79 non-diabetic children had an antibody titer greater than 3.55. Many other studies supported this evidence that the defendants were unable to construct a strong counterargument.

According to a doctor and member of the Parents of Diabetic Children, “We were tired of letting the powerful lobbies for the National Dairy Council defend themselves with biased studies and corporate sponsored research.”

The new label will read “Dairy products are the primary cause of Type 1 diabetes in children.”

In an interview shortly after the decision, Lawrence Green, one of the lawyers hired by the National Dairy Council, in a moment of suprising honesty said “I think my clients knew it was only a matter of time. After hearing the testimony of Dr. Campbell, my family and I have made the decision not only to take dairy products completely out of our diets, but to also move toward a complete plant-based whole food diet.”

Other organizations including the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society are preparing their own lawsuits, hoping to expand the extent of the warning labels on dairy products.

Parents with Diabetic Children is a non-profit group to be formed sometime in the coming months to demand justice from those that seek profits over public health concerns.



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