Been doing some studying

Sorry about the absence lately, I have been spending much time in research. I continue to realize tremendous effects of my own change of nutrition and lifestyle, however I started becoming overwhelmed with differing opinions on what is the ideal diet, so I have been digging into the books. The snow outside my window reminds me that this is a good thing to do here in Minnesota this time of year.

While I continue to stand behind everything I have posted so far, and remain completely¬†committed¬†to learning more, I may be making some changes, or adding comments as well as putting up some new information soon. Please don’t loose any interest, and keep the questions coming as I am here to help anyone who wants to follow me to a longer healthier life.

I will leave you with some reading from an article published a few years ago that helps to better explain why most doctors don’t give us the information we need, and next time you are encouraged to take a medication, you might want to look for another opinion.

Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary






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